From the time I first saw a piano I knew that I was born to be a musician. My parents supported my obsession by giving me recorder and a guitar. In 4th grade, the band teacher came into our classroom and asked who wanted to play an instrument. I nearly leapt out of my seat when I heard and saw the French horn. Excited and intrigued, I begged my parents to let me play it. “TOO LOUD!” my mother shouted! “OK, OK, I’ll play the flute.” For the next few years I developed many bad habits trying to do it on my own. In 10th grade, after begging my parents, they finally agreed to pay for private lessons. Although I attended an inner-city school with a very small band program (we actually went on strike to get the school department to buy us uniforms!) I persisted. Through much (frequently tedious and frustrating) practice to fix my bad habits, I luckily was accepted into the RI Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and the RI Youth Wind Ensemble, enabling me to earn a music scholarship the University of Rhode Island.

Having heard plenty of great cartoon music in my youth, my dream was to become a studio musician.  I moved to Los Angeles hoping to break into into “the business” which, I discovered, is sort of like dreaming of playing for a pro sports team…very slim chance…plenty of incredible competition! However, between my day job of waiting tables and my free time spent practicing and hanging around a flute shop, I had the great fortune of meeting and learning from some of the most incredible flutists on the planet! I was also privileged to study with some excellent teachers, perform in an orchestra, and play in small chamber groups.

Fast forward to the present, and reflecting on the past, I returned to Rhode Island and happily began teaching privately and working as a music teacher in the Cranston Public Schools. Throughout those years I attended master classes and studied with some of the great flutists of our time and have learned more than I could ever have imagined. Now that I’ve retired from teaching school I look forward to getting back to my passion of playing and teaching privately. And reading, swimming, socializing , and traveling!

My dream for you is that you become a MUSICIAN, not just a “ player”.  So call  if I can help build you into the musician you dream of becoming! It will take you places far beyond your wildest dreams. You will learn patience, feel frustration, say “I can’t, I have rehearsal”, and more. But I guarantee, if you keep at it, you will never regret it!